Can I buy from this website?

We sell our products only on Amazon for now. Use the '' Buy Now on Amazon '' button on the product page to go to the Amazon listing.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime. If not, it is free only if you buy 25$+ of items shipped by Amazon.

Where do you ship?

We only sell our products on the United States & Canada Amazon marketplaces.

Were can I find my tracking details?

Since we use Amazon delivery, you will get your tracking details on your Amazon account or by email.

Are Dextreme fire starters toxic?

Dextreme fire starters are completely safe to handle and made with non-toxic ingredients. However when burning and when burning anything else in general, you do not want to inhale the fumes as those are to certain levels toxic.

Can I cook over a fire starter? 

The fire starter should be completely burned off before your cooking process starts. And as always never breathe in any fumes from anything burning.

Where Dextreme fire starters are made?

Dextreme is a canadian company that sell through all North America (US & CAN) and we are proud to manufacture most of our products in Canada.